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Projects and Grants

Initiative for Mathematical Thinking for Instruction

The Initiative for Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (IMTI) is committed to developing mathematical thinking in students and teachers while supporting language and equity within diverse classrooms. IMTI offers courses to undergraduate and graduates (masters and doctorate) and professional development for elementary and middle school teachers. The belief that all students can succeed in mathematics and that teachers have perhaps the most significant impact on student learning is core to this project. IMTI emphasizes knowledge of mathematical content, effective instructional practices, and progressions of student learning.

Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI)

MTI is a grant funded by the State Department of Education that provides an initial course for recertification to all teachers who teach mathematics (K-12) as well as administrators. The course focuses on enhancing the knowledge of math, understanding how students learn best and instructional practices to teach math in a meaningful and effective way. In addition, the project provides scholarships for elementary and middle school teachers within the region to take classes in the GC-MTI program while also providing in-class support to these teachers to work with students.

Graduate Certificate – Mathematical Thinking for Instruction

GC-MTI is a set of seven courses that lead to a graduate certificate and an endorsement which can be applied to a masters or doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction. The program focuses on increasing content knowledge and understanding of student thinking and learning for elementary and middle school teachers, mathematics coaches and educational leaders.

SAHE Grant

Boise State is the lead institution for the SAHE grant and is in partnership with the Idaho State Department of Education and other Idaho colleges and universities. Through this grant, the IMTI team provides mathematics professional development and embedded classroom support to Kindergarten through second grade teachers in under-resourced schools in Idaho.

Math Science Partnership Grant (MSP)

The MSP grant provides mathematics professional development to Kindergarten through six grade teachers in under-resourced schools (three elementary schools) in three districts.  The teachers in the grant are also provided with expert-developed online Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curricular modules to use with students.  The IMTI team works with the teachers in professional development settings and provides in-class support to assist with the implementation of modules and understanding of student thinking and learning aligned with important mathematical concepts and ideas.